Phinda Mzala | Entertainment Project
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About Us
Our Vision

To become one of the integral leading Arts & Culture in Africa, whilst appreciating and maintaining a diversity of culture.

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Occasions Performed

  • Festivals
  • Competitions
  • Organization Events
  • Dance Workshop Schools/Prisoners
  • Roadshows
  • Social Media Advert/TV

Occasions Performed

  • Government Events
  • Gala Events
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Co-Operates Functions
  • Music Videos

Alumni Comments

Over the past 20 years the National Arts Council has supported various artists and arts organisations and..

Future Projects

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Phinda-Mzala Entertainment Projects

Consciously engaged in supporting the needy children/youth.

Phinda-Mzala Entertainment Project started as a community based dance group in 1996.

In pursuit of this Phinda-Mzala Entertainment Project (NPO Number: 096-140-NPO) was recently registered (hereinafter referred to as Phinda-Mzala Entertainment Project). We are looking forward to partnership with international group which we are sharing same objectives.

Members of Phinda-Mzala have diverse poetry, gumboots dance, theater and musical background which they spread health messages in a familiar context HIV/Aids, substance abuse, Environmental, Orphans, disability, and etc.


The wonderful people making all of this happen!

David “Da-Mega” - Managing Director -

Patrick “Da-Pat” - Artistic Director -

Thabo “Thizm” - Technical Director -

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