Phinda Mzala | About Us
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About Us

Who we are and what we do

About Us

Phinda-Mzala Entertainment Project started as a community based dance group in 1996.

In pursuit of this Phinda-Mzala Entertainment Project (NPO number 096-140-NPO) was recently registered (hereinafter referred to as Phinda-Mzala Entertainment Project). We are looking forward to partnership with international group which we are sharing same objectives.

Members of Phinda-Mzala have diverse poetry, gumboots dance, theatre and musical background which they spread health messages in a familiar context HIV/Aids, substance abuse, Environmental, Orphans, disability, and etc.

Phinda-Mzala is also deeply aware of its social responsibility. The project consciously engaged in supporting the needy children/youth that are vulnerable who do not see any hope for the future.

Phinda-Mzala has performed to enthusiastic audiences in Germany, Turkey, Australia as well as in Southern Africa.


To promote a conducive environment for economic opportunities for youth in the tourism sector by promoting cultural activities.


To become one of the integral leading Arts & Culture in Africa. Whilst appreciating and maintaining a diversity of culture.


The dance project is to establish operations as an entertainment management project offering dance production, dance performing, road shows, choreography, dance training / workshop, and Cultural Exchange.

In its own dance performances the project will offer many dance types like Pantsula Dance, Gumboots Dance, Contemporary Dance, Zulu Dance, Cultural dance and Music Production (Kwaito & Hip Hop).

The project also provide project management services for functions which involve performer management and organization.


The project is generally fall into the Arts industry and this is one of the fastest growing in the world with support from both government and the corporate sector.

The existing calendar for the remaining part of the year already has bookings for Phinda-Mzala Entertainment performances and new business will be generated to add to this.

The project past business generation ability will provide a ready portfolio for the project marketing efforts.